INEO is a New Zealand owned company that provides interior doors, wardrobes and storage systems.

The range of products are manufactured with components sourced from Europe and complemented with New Zealand manufactured materials. The result is a stunning product range inspired and created from European design and technical expertise.

INEO has been created for the demands of the New Zealand interiors market with designer systems and accessibility in mind. The INEO range of products are exclusive and backed with European quality and design excellence which is unparalleled in other parts of the world.

Komandor provides the knowledge base with the structural component of our product range and we are proud to have the backing of one of the largest worldwide brands in our specialist sector.

In conjunction with our partners, we are continually developing the product range and application to stay at the leading edge of trends and design by providing innovative products in an exciting changing NZ market. Finally NZ has the product versatility we desire.

With over 50 years of industry experience implementing our design and installation services, we are committed to streamlining the purchase process and achieving complete satisfaction from the end user.